Zackenberg Research Station

Zackenberg Research Station is an ecosystem research and monitoring facility at Zackenberg (74°30'N / 21°00'W) in Northeast Greenland 25 km north-west of Daneborg. A branch facility is situated at Daneborg.

Zackenberg is coordinated with the monitoring programme Nuuk Basic in West Greenland.  

Zackenberg is owned by The Government of Greenland and is operated by the Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University. The work at Zackenberg is coordinated through the programme Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations with the following institutions as partners:

The work at Zackenberg is carried out through means funded by:

In addition to individual research projects and programmes a comprehensive environmental monitoring, Zackenberg Basic, is operating at Zackenberg.

For further information on issues relating to the research, monitoring and logistics at Zackenberg Research Station please contact the Zackenberg secretariat at


2014.12.15 | Research news

ZERO and NERO Annual Reports 2013

ZERO - Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations 19th Annual Report and NERO - Nuuk Ecological Research Operations 7th Annual Report. The reports have been published and can be downloaded.Please notice that Aarhus University does no longer publish the ZERO and NERO Annual Reports in printed versions but only as PDF-files. Hard copies of older…

2014.12.13 | Research news

The 2015 field season at Zackenberg Research Station. DEADLINE 16 February 2015

  Any research project planning to implement a scientific activity at Zackenberg Research Station (ZERO – Zackenberg) and/or the branch facility at Daneborg (ZERO – Daneborg) must apply for access to Zackenberg Research Station. This is done by completing and signing the present form and relevant appendixes, and sending them to: The Zackenberg…

2014.08.19 | Research news

New diary from Zackenberg

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